I will tell you four things

...like the giant in the hotel room in Twin Peaks, although he told Agent Dale Cooper only three things.

1. Erica McDonald is an excellent portrait photographer.

2. Erica McDonald has lately scribbled from 'An evening with Robert Frank...' which gives a lot of information on 'The Americans' which you probably wouldn't get anywhere else. She also held an interview with burn magazine's David Alan Harvey. You must click on my link to Erica and look for 'scribbling in the dark' in the menu. Here is a quote from Harvey:

I think photography looks deceptively easy; it is actually easy but it does require long hours of being bored..I used to say that mostly I was either tired, bored or scared. Those three things, with occasional moments of creative ecstasy. But there is the commitment to your work over a lifetime which is so important if a photographer wants to make a mark. Hanging out on a street corner is one very, very small part of that.

3. I made this photograph at a street corner today, although I wasn't hanging out there, I walked past it while walking my dog:

4. Mew is a band I'm going to see & listen to in Bergen in november. I'm excited.

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