Things I look forward to

My exhibition Forlatt øyeblikk

The project Forlatt øyeblikk (Abandoned moment) will be exhibited at Sandnes brygge in Sandnes, Norway from October 3rd to the end of the month.

More photographs

The Road

I recently read this novel by Cormac McCarthy and it's already one of my favourites. It's about a man and his son walking through an almost empty country. McCarthy chose to have them nameless. They are simply "the man" and "the boy". There are hardly any food left wherever they go or good places to stay or friendly people who can help them out. And it's cold.

Now it's a movie and the premiere is February 19th in Stavanger.


Alice in Wonderland

This wouldn't be so special if it weren't for the fact that Tim Burton is behind this re-make of the animated film from 1951. Nothing can possibly go wrong! The premiere is March 5th in Stavanger.


Things I miss

Safe as Milk Festival

I went to this music festival in Haugesund the last two years of its existence, in 2007 and 2008. Most of the concerts took place in an old wooden factory called "Høvleriet". The best part was that none of the concerts interfered with another, you didn't miss anything. Only one stage. Before, between and after the concerts I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the place or I looked through all the records available for sale. It was obscurity heaven.

Now they're running a webshop and they also share some thoughts and photographs from the festival on their site.

Norges Kreative Fagskole, Stavanger

The school where I studied photography for two years. The main thing about the school was they're vision that you can teach and learn creativity. After those two years I think I learnt more about how my creativity can be pushed or enabled by myself or with some help by others. I liked that we always had a project to work on, there was always some photographs I needed to make some notes for (sketches is no good for me...), think through or make arrangements for. Most of the time at school we didn't photograph, we talked about ideas and looked at other work. They expected us to work with photography after the lessons anyways. I'm glad they did.

I took this photograph in my class room one day after one of our lessons. To put it simple: we had made the room into a camera. Camera obscura.

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