The story of the exhibition "Forlatt øyeblikk"

There was a time I wasn't sure if the exhibition was going to happen at all. I had planned this exhibition in november last year with the café/bar/scene/gallery Sandnes Brygge. Then there were suddenly rumours going around in late july that they might have to close down. In answer to an e-mail I was told to check with them in the end of august to see how things looked. Fortunately they managed to sort things out during that time so they could continue running it.

Okey, so one month of planning and marketing for an exhibition is not much time, but after all; one of the reasons I enjoy this life are all the sudden, and the less sudden, challenges that occur. The chances to make things happen.

One month of putting together a set of nostalgic photographs, hanging up posters, sending out invitations, organising and then...

What you see up here is the fiddler/violinist Nils Økland playing at the opening three days ago. We had actually planned to have the concert in the other room which you can see through the door, because that room is bigger and has a scene. However, Nils thought the sound was better inside the gallery room. Always listen to a musician. (haha...)

The combination of listening to his beautiful music and looking at my pictures hanging at the wall: A definitive highlight. I also appreciated the speech from my teacher Tord Paulsen and all the friendly people who showed up.

I sold this one during the opening:

Mounted, 40x60cm

See more from the exhibition.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you're interested in buying.

Both photographs by: Bjarte Edvardsen

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